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We're a team of software developers ready for big challenges

Who are we?

We are a team of problem solvers who plan, design and build digital products and services for innovative organisations. We are experienced experts and trusted advisors who aim to collaborate with our clients to build successful relationships. We are efficient, agile and effective. We also love code.

Our team is made up of business consultants, designers and developers.

We work with Agile methodologies. Our process is influenced by Scrum, Kanban and XP, taking the core principles and leaving behind some of the more prescriptive doctrine so that we are able to tailor our process for the project and client we’re working with.


We’ve provided consulting and development services for leading healthcare organisations

Our projects have included building applications to manage advanced scanning systems, patient management and care technology.

Industrial Automation

Need to connect your automation systems and provided real-time information management? We can help

Working with international manufacturers and their supply chain to connect opertions and deliver innovative software and IoT solutions.

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Client Reviews

"Wolf Logic Ltd. has delivered a product that's now up and running. The product's functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client's data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth. "
Client Reviews
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