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To software development… and beyond!

We are a software development and web applications company providing custom development and enterprise solutions in the United Kingdom.

We have a flexible way of creating, optimising, and integrating technology, that helps businesses to focus on their core purpose. We take a commercial approach, ensuring that you go from ideation to go live as quickly as possible. If we don’t need to build something from scratch, we don’t – saving you time and money. We make sure development isn’t daunting.







Our high rate of project success is down to our solid focus on the discovery process, where business objectives meet creative ideas and solution value, elegant design follows purposeful function, and budgets and scope align.

Design & Develop

Embracing Agile methodologies and MoSCoW prioritisation techniques, our DevOps process is influenced by Scrum, Kanban and XP, taking the core principles and leaving behind some of the more prescriptive doctrine, so that we are able to tailor our process to each project and each individual client.


With dozens of successful projects under our belt, we are incredibly proud of each and every glowing review we receive, testament to our impressive record of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and the excellent support services we offer. 

Where we lead the pack

We create bespoke software for highly regulated and competitive industries and have an excellent track record of delivering successful projects for innovative organisations that drive real competitive advantage.

Healthtech Solutions Development

We provide consulting and development services for leading healthcare organisations

Our projects have included remote viewing applications for advanced scanning systems, patient management solutions and decision support software for anticipatory patient care.

Geospatial & GIS Development

Talk to us about how geospatial and location data can put your application on the map.

From ride hailing to ecommerce, commercial supply chains to agriculture, geospatial data and Geographic Information Systems are literally where it’s at.

Industrial Automation Applications

Need to connect your automation systems and provide real-time information management across industries?

We work with international manufacturers and their supply chain to connect operations and deliver innovative software and IoT solutions

Fintech Innovations Development

Want help building a P2P payment app, or add cryptocurrency payments to your offering?

Whether you’re looking to disrupt the status quo, or just want to integrate a blockchain API into your web app, we talk your language. 

We’ll even accept payment in Bitcoin!

case Studies

Geospatial Rail Network Mapping

Mapping the UK Rail Network in Detail


How we help TrackLogic give faster, more detailed data to their clients for greater accuracy in rail risk assessment surveys.
Healthcare Software Development

Delivering Advanced Healthcare


How we help Health Navigator to prevent avoidable urgent and emergency care.
Industrial Automation Software Development

Nidec Legacy Controller Updates

Industrial Automation

How we are working with Nidec to update and remotely manage firmware on motor drive control devices all over the world.

Our Clients & Reviews


Wolf Logic designed product’s functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client’s data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth.

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Mapping the Future of Software Applications

Smart devices have put geospatial technology into the hands of every individual on the planet. So it’s little wonder that location based solutions are revolutionising the way we do business. 

At Wolf Logic we have invested in developing our own GIS Platform that can be used as a sandbox for an MVP or PoC, or a SaaS host for your own geo-specific data needs.

Location Based Tracking

Get a track on your internet of things locations, assets, people, orders, industrial equipment and pretty much anything else.

Integrate this data with your other key systems to drive operational efficiencies, reduce risk and improve productivity. 

Geospatial Software Engineering

Bring your applications to life with accurate geospatial and mobile data.

Track assets, vehicles, layer maps and understand geo-spatial interrelationships that impact your business.

Renovate and update your existing core applications or build new innovative business applications that leverage all aspects of location data for your business.

Mapping and GIS Solutions

Map locations in real time, use geodata to layer over maps, and harness live data feeds from IoT and other devices in the field. 

With a combination of external and customised information, images and other data sources, reports that would have taken hours or days to correlate, can be generated and sent to colleagues and clients in minutes.

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Our pack of critical thinkers, designers, data scientists and developers can help with every aspect of your app development project. From concept to code, build engineering to production support, you can trust Wolf Logic to knuckle down and deliver every step of the way

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