Carterwood Analytics

Software Development for the Healthcare Sector 

The Background

Carterwood Analytics are a leader in their industry for providing up-to-date and accurate insights on the care giving space as well as geographical statistics to compliment their internal datasets, enabling them to provide easy to understand visualisations to their clients.

The Challenge

Carterwood wished to enhance the way they process and deliver information & reports to stakeholders. The time spent gathering data every week meant there was a high overhead on this task alone. Along with this came the analysis that would form the basis for their reports and although this system worked and produced consistent and reliable results, there was still room for improvement.

The Solution

Wolf Logic worked with the Data Scientists at Carterwood to look at the entire process from beginning to end, looking at every detail to see where efficiencies could be gained.

Taking the different datasets from each source, both public and private, meant designing a data warehouse that would scale effectively with the increase in both size and data types required in future. The automation of dataset updates was also of high importance as this was key to saving valuable time amongst the team and letting them get on with the more advanced reporting.

As well as scheme the data warehouse, Wolf Logic designed & implemented an online team portal where anyone working on reports could peer review new data added to the system. This meant daily updates of data could easily be sanitised in small batches without the need to trawl through cumbersome spreadsheets; saving hours per day, per colleague.

The Opportunities

One opportunity would be to integrate into a cloud-based platform such as Geo Points, as well as bringing in live feeds. Another opportunity would be to integrate other disciplines, such as a fully automated report generation system that would make this task a drag and drop exercise, rather than research and tabs required to delve deeper into other datasets and mapping available elsewhere online.