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Laravel is a flexible well constructed PHP web development framework. We use Laravel to rapidly build web applications for various industries that are robust and secure.

Flexible ,secure and robust

We use Laravel to build business process applications and management software for industrial automation, event management, patient management and ecommerce applications hosted in the cloud. The platform also integrates well with IOS and Android and a natural fit for mobile apps. Laravel has a massive online community of developers meaning that its well supported.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web development frameworks. The excellent structure and optimised code base means that complicated features are easier to implement and the platform is very versatile.

However, with the help of the Laravel framework (which uses PHP), this process can be made much simpler and faster. For this reason, love Laravel because of its performance, features and scalability. No matter which project our team is working on, Laravel can be easily personalised for big or small development projects.

Why Use Laravel?

Apart from being highly popular, there are many reasons why your website should be built in Laravel, such as:

Laravel is extremely efficient and hassle-free approach to development, as many of the widely used features and tools are already integrated into the framework. This saves a lot of time (and cost) in the development process.
Can easily be scaled: The clean and simple code makes Laravel websites easy to expand and develop on in the future.
Complete versatility: If your website project requires a wide range of complex functionalities and features, then Laravel is most definitely the framework for you.
Create bespoke systems: Whatever your needs, Laravel gives the flexibility to create a wide range of systems and functionalities for your websites.
Supports user experience and design practices: Create the website you want without compromising user experience or design.
High security: Compared to some other development frameworks, your data will be safer from cyber-attacks and malware activity when using Laravel.

Experienced Laravel Developers

As we specialise in Laravel we have the skills and experience to support most projects. We are an agency based in the West Midlands but provide development services for clients from Shrewsbury to Singapore. We provide a transparent agile development service and aim to work with clients as partners.

Laravel Support & Updates

We provide ongoing support and maintenace for Laravel applications to make sure you stay updated and avoid GDPR and security breaches. Our Laravel developers offer the following services:

  • Laravel version upgrades
  • Software patches
  • Optimisation and performance improvement
  • Fixing web application bugs
  • Security updates and reviews
  • Laravel hosting

Why not contact our team to talk about using Laravel in your next project.

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"Wolf Logic Ltd. has delivered a product that's now up and running. The product's functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client's data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth. "
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