iOS & Android – Mobile Apps

Nowadays, mobile phones are almost like an extra appendage. During the initial development discussions, it is almost certain that the following questions will come up – Will you need a supported mobile platform? 

Engagement process 

There are several approaches to engaging with a mobile audience which include: 

  • Graceful web-based applications (least effort – short term) 
  • Mobile friendly versions of a web application (more effort – short term) 
  • React Native & similar platforms that allow singular software development and a one size fits all application for both iOS & Android (more effort – short term and requires an extra set of code to maintain)
  • iOS specific (most effort – short term) 
  • Android specific (most effort – short term) 

There may often be a need to keep costs low, therefore deciding not to build an app may be the route you take. This may also allow you to save money in the short term, however if there is a future requirement to have a mobile application then it is important to at least consider/design a mobile interface on the outset. 

Another factor to consider is the way in which you will serve data to the mobile version. This can be factored in when deciding which method is used to deploy an Application Programming Interface (API). 

One of the main questions to ask yourself when discussing your platforms – Is this future proof? Make sure your platform ready to stand the test of time and it is a well-known fact that nowadays mobile apps are used more than websites. 

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