The latest JavaScript framework

Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks for application development. We use this open-source Javascript framework for rapid development and developing interactive feature rich applications. Vue.js is a great choice when creating applications for almost any type of project from simple web applications to large scale transactional workflows.

What is Vue.js?

Vus.js is a progressive lightweight open source JavaScript framework. Unlike other libraries Vue.js is relatively easy to implement within existing applications or start new projects. Its also integral to many Laravel applications and firmly embedded within this ecosystem which means that integration is almost seamless.

Why use Vue.js?

It’s relatively easy to integrate Vue.js into projects so when building an MVP rapid development is vital. Continual version release and community support means that its also extremely stable and secure.

Performance advantages make Vue.js an excellent choice. The framework is extremely lighweight with around 23kb of size so this alone means that its extremely efficient.

Two-way data binding ensures faster and accurate data flows in Vue.js. You can do this in other frameworks but its a core feature in Vue.js.

In summary, Vue.js allows web applications to be more complex and yet provide improved user experience.

Experienced Vue.js Developers

We are experienced developing with Vue.js and we have the skills and experience to support most projects. We are an agency based in the West Midlands but provide development services for clients from Shrewsbury to Singapore. We provide a transparent agile development service and aim to work with clients as partners.

Vue.js Support & Updates

We provide ongoing support and maintenace for applications using Vue.js to make sure you stay updated and avoid GDPR and security breaches. Our Laravel developers offer the following services:

  • Vue.js version upgrades
  • Javascript optimisation and performance improvement
  • Fixing Vue.js application bugs
  • Adding interface functionality

Why not contact our team to talk about using Laravel in your next project.

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