A trusty steed

The .NET framework has several different guises and serves as a single reference for developers to build applications across multiple platforms; desktop, mobile, & embedded applications.

Not without it’s flaws it is sometimes best the devil you know. Although our team have a preferred technology choice for fresh projects that are just conceptual, we actively engage with clients who have a requirement to work with .NET, because sometimes it just fits with the circumstances.

How to choose between .NET and other frameworks?

Whether you are looking to, ‘just get something built’, this could be an conceptual idea that may even require prototyping, or you wish to bring an existing product up to scratch. It is important to choose technologies that are first and foremost, trusted. A close second is a host of considerations that help finalise the decision to choose a path forwards, these include:

  • Where will the platform be hosted?
  • Who will be maintaining the project long term to keep it up to date and secure?
  • What other technologies are you intending or comfortable working with?
  • What is the end goal of the project? Clean integration with favourite technologies? Or use of existing infrastructure?
  • Do you already have existing developers who wouldn’t need any extra training to maintain and work on the project?

These are some simple, high level questions to ask at the beginning of a project but are just the start.

Our team have years of experience with .NET and the surrounding Microsoft ecosystem, so if you need to create a centralised data portal or a live tracking system with “real-time” updates; we have the know how and would like to help you achieve your vision.

If you are interested in developing an idea or an existing application in .NET then feel free to get in touch with our team and we will happily guide you around all the pitfalls of software development.

Looking for .Net Developers? We can help build and support your applications