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The Background

Health navigator is a company that provides interventions to patients, preventing avoidable urgent and emergency care, combining powerful artificial intelligence with proactive health coaching.

The Challenge

Health Navigator had a legacy platform which they had identified as an area they could invest into. Therefore keeping up with continuous fast paced technological advancements and enabling them to add valuable features. It was important to improvone of these opportunities would be to integrate into a cloud based platform such as Geo Points as well as bringing in live IoT feeds. Another opportunity that Wolf Logic is consulting on, is the ability to remotely manage firmware on devices across the planet, so there is less need to fly technicians out to carry out upgrades on-site. This has many benefits, the main three being; cost, time and CO2 reductions.e the platform to enable new feature release that users would accept with little impact caused to their daily routines. Due to the rapid development and other factors during the inception of the platform, there were areas left with room for improvement in performance.

The Solution

Wolf Logic was brought in to carry out an initial consultancy to capture and identify pain points along with future features. Understanding where the business goals lay was also important to help develop the platform to support the vision. From this consultancy, three stages of development were mapped out to ensure there was a clear and logical plan that was realistic to achieve in the time frames discussed. The priorities were executed during the first phase to provide a solid foundation for phase 2 & 3.

The Result

Health coaches have been brought back on side as they can trust the system will now behave as expected and most importantly, won’t lose data entered. The system is now also much faster to respond and load, even on legacy NHS equipment which was a big blocker for consistent use by the health coaches. The application has been upgraded; both the codebase and database connections have been optimised. Security has also been improved providing Health Navigator with peace of mind and letting them focus on their main business, ultimately ensuring patients have the smoothest journey. Wolf Logic have proven to be a strategic partner and will continue to do so, whilst growing with Health Navigator and helping achieve future technical goals as an integral part of the team.

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"Wolf Logic Ltd. has delivered a product that's now up and running. The product's functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client's data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth. "
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