Health Navigator


Developing innovative digital healthcare solutions


Health Navigator is a healthcare company that delivers AI guided case-finding, clinical coaching, remote monitoring, and virtual ward solutions to the NHS. Their care service provides clinical health coaches to Primary Care Networks (PCNs).


Health Navigator had a legacy platform they identified as something that could benefit from being updated to keep pace with the continuous technological advancements in healthcare and improve the service their health coaches can offer.
During the platform’s inception, time constraints and other factors affected the initial development, resulting in several areas where the software had room for improvement.

Usability issues had resulted in many health coaches sharing data via spreadsheets and relying on outdated information on whiteboards rather than accessing the system, so it was important to ensure users would accept and adapt quickly to any updates and new features.


Health Navigator brought in Wolf Logic to capture and identify pain points along with new feature requirements during an initial consultancy. This discovery phase was hugely important as it mapped out all the requirements needed and removed any unnecessary factors that weren’t.

Understanding where the business goals lay was also essential to help develop the platform and support the vision. Wolf Logic mapped out three development stages to ensure a clear and logical plan that was realistic to achieve in the time frames discussed.

Wolf Logic executed project priorities during the first phase to provide a solid foundation for phases two & three.

The Result

Health coaches that rarely touched the platform have now been converted to avid users as they can now trust that the system will behave as expected and most importantly, will not lose valuable data entered.
The system is now much faster to respond and load, even on legacy NHS equipment, a big blocker for consistent use by health coaches.

The application has benefited from an extensive upgrade with Wolf Logic updating and optimising both the codebase and databases.

With patient confidentiality a primary concern, data security is always a key factor. It provides Health Navigator with the peace of mind to focus on their core business, which ultimately ensures patients have the smoothest journey.
Wolf Logic has proven to be a strategic partner and continues to be a part of Health Navigator’s growth by helping them achieve future technical goals as an integral part of the team.


Because Health Navigator did not have the requisite skills in-house to bring the system up to speed, they considered the costs associated with building a team and calculated that, overall, there would be significant cost savings with outsourced development.
During the discovery process, Wolf Logic conducted a full code review and determined that the platform could be updated, saving the client a six-figure sum for a rebuild from scratch.

Working in close partnership with Health Navigator and their healthcare coaches, Wolf Logic delivered a successful project where user trust and increased use of the system has translated into thousands of hours saved a month across NHS trusts and a much-needed cost saving of over £1 million for our National Health Service already.