Transforming Patient Experience by Streamlining Data

How would you like to streamline your processes in a cost effective manner? Designed specifically to increase efficiency, patient flows and make healthcare professionals’ work days more fluid.

Healthcare & technology

The importance of information sharing in our digital age means expectations for patient data to be up to date an accurate are so much higher than the paper based notes in a filing cabinet of a local practice, hospital or care home.

We all rely so heavily on health services and the appreciation for them is so great when we benefit from them; taking this into account means we at Wolf Logic hold the social value of easy management of information across the sector and most importantly, the smooth journey for a patient through the system, from beginning right through to follow ups.

“Besides offering a wealth of technical expertise, they have a passion for technology which means they are extremely pro-active. Wolf Logic has developed a business management platform for us to easily look after our database.”

Ben Hartley – Carterwood

Patient Journey Booking & Tracking System

Trusted Solutions Group wanted to create an Ambulance booking and tracking service to ensure patient journeys became smooth and create an effective operation of crews and vehicles throughout different shifts. The resulting platform that enables live tracking of all vehicles can be seen in the video below.

Healthcare Case Studies

Some other examples of our work within the healthcare sector includes the Health Navigator project, Remote Real-Time Scan viewing & Financial Solutions

Carer Card

A financial portal used by families of elderly relatives to delegate prepaid cards to carers so they can purchase items when visiting those in need of assistance.

The Problem: Carers sometimes need to purchase items such as food or cleaning equipment when carrying out their work. This can become an extra piece of work as receipts need to be kept for proof of cash spent as well as the carer needing to receive money from relatives.

The Solution: Carer Card provides a portal and pre-paid cards through a secure login and Two-Factor Authentication. The service integrates seamlessly with the financial provider and management of client data is securely stored within their Customer Relation Management platform.

The Outcome: Cash and receipts are made a thing of the past and easy top-ups of cards can be carried out by family members so care givers can easily buy what is required without the need to ask for money from their elderly patients.

Remote Scan Analysis

A high quality, zero lag remote based viewing application to enable stakeholders to view brain scans using their own general devices whilst the remote machine does the heavy number crunching.

The Problem: Radiologists and other medical professionals often need to view scans that have been carried out on patients. To open and manipulate these scans requires a higher performance computer and a high speed connection to the server where they are stored.

The Solution: The desktop based application created, allowed scans to be viewed on a remote server that performed the high performance functions.

The Outcome: Stakeholders no longer require physical access to a high power computer and can expand their area of working by using their own device. This also negates the need to transfer sensitive patient data across the internet or networks

Rigorous Processes & Software Development

We provide consulting and software development services for leading healthcare organisations. This experience has grown from our passion for making a positive difference to patients and those who work hard day in, day out to keep people alive & healthy.

Our projects have included remote viewing applications for advanced scanning systems, patient management solutions and decision support software for anticipatory patient care. As well as desk based solutions, we have created an advanced ambulance tracking service that allows for real-time dispatch and tracking.

Whilst keeping the healthcare patient flows in mind, we use the latest development and project management techniques to ensure the project delivery and future maintenance is sustainable, creating a positive Return On Investment.

Data Security & Compliance

Every sector relies heavily on the latest security techniques and technologies, that’s why we only use tried and tested technologies for our projects. Protecting patient records is the number one priority, so from the outset of any project, their privacy and best interests are at the heart of any discussion. This builds in robust and testable code that lets your organisation flourish and deliver outstanding services to those who really need it.

Encryption is now common place within any technology project, we only use the latest encryption for patient record storage and information transfer activities. If you have an existing platform that needs security patching we can carry out an audit or work with a security audit partner to ensure your platform is running to the latest standards.

Any project our team takes on within the healthcare sector, we follow the OWASP standards and of course ensure projects adhere to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) guidelines from HL7.

Discuss your ideas with our team

Whether your project is blue sky or a prototype, we have several processes that can bring ideas and existing projects to fruition whilst capturing important stakeholder requirements and asking the questions that may not have been asked yet.

Once engaged with our team you will be taken through a development journey that captures the importance and goals of the project. The outcome will be measured against the initial requirements so you will know what to expect every step of the way.

Get in touch with our business analysts using the contact form and our team will be happy to discuss your needs.