The Software Discovery Process

As a follow on from our MoSCoW Article we would like to share our software development journey with you in stages, logically we will start at the beginning: The Discovery.

Initial Contact

Your initial contact with our team will typically be via an online face to face meeting. This call normally lasts from 30 minutes to one hour and we will ask a series of questions that allow us to see if the project is a good fit for out team, as well as recommend the next step to get closer to your goal.

After this Discovery Call is an opportunity for you to fill out our MoSCoW document that details a high level set of requirements, at this stage these can be referred to important features that will drive the success of your development project.

Getting Started

We will try to give a ball park estimate based on this MoSCoW document feedback, however, it is only a very rough guide and gives an opportunity to move forward into the Consultancy Phase where we will take the bull by the horns and break everything down into it’s granular detail.

This Consultancy Phase allows us to ask all the questions you may not have thought about and break down each segment of the project into manageable chunks, which are generally delivered in two-weekly blocks, also known as Sprints. The User Stories, are a key part to the success of any projects, they are simply a description of each screen for the platform along with flow diagrams and data flows to help capture all edge cases.

An easy to understand and simplified example of a typical flow diagram is a password reset flow:

As well as the mechanics of the project, we map out the priority features into multiple Sprints so we can start building the most important aspects such as databases, user logins and roles.

Perhaps you’ve got a system upgrade that is long overdue, or perhaps you’ve got a big idea and no way to start it. Whatever your plans are, we’re excited to hear them and would love to help document them. Get in touch and someone from the team will be in touch within 24 hours during weekdays.